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I recently had a discussion with my friend about her upcoming divorce. We had some questions about uncontested divorce and started looking for divorce attorney blogs. We spent about 40 minutes searching for the information. We found great information but not what we were looking for. As a blogger, I wrote down some thoughts I had while browsing divorce attorney blogs.

Blogging Tips – What Makes People Read Blogs?

People turn to the internet to find information, support, ideas, confirm their thoughts, find products and bargaining power.

More Blogging Tips – Common Features of a Successful Blogs

Blogs do not have written rules as far as we know. Blogs are written for the web. What does it mean?

  • Short paragraphs – 2 to 5 sentences maximum bring best blog reading experience. There are many jokes going on among bloggers about ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder of visitors. Yet it’s true: our visitors are rather impatient. They want information fast. And if they do not find it – BOOM! They hit the ‘back’ button and we don’t see them anymore.
  • Use headings to separate the text. Some blogs we found had solid text with no breaks, no links, and no bold text. It was a river of words flowing smoothly with no place for eye rest. Yawn!
  • Have bullet lists to help the visitors concentrate on the main points of the blog post
  • White space on the page helps the reader and brings eye relief. Not all people read everything they see on the page. Some people just skim the text. That’s perfectly acceptable. After all, if they like what they see, they will come back to read more.
  • A good blog post has less than 800 words. A perfect blog post has no more than 500 words.
  • Post relevant pictures. Some blogs we found had no pictures at all. Blogs need images to make them visually appealing. Too many images and graphics will make the blog load slower. A picture of 15 kb in terms of size will not slow down your blog and will not be a problem. Pictures help bring people back to read more.

Good sources of free images:

1. Commons Wikimedia

2. Morguefile

3. Flickr Look for Creative Commons-licensed images

Blogging Tips To Make Blogs REALLY Easy to Read

We noticed very few comments on some blogs. Other blogs had no comments at all. What is one of the secrets of the blogs with the high quantity and quality of comments? It is the reading grade level – 7th-grade reading level or lower is the answer. College level reading is over grade 22. That’s not good for the internet. After all, what is the purpose of a divorce attorney’s blog? Is it to bring more sophisticated readers? Is it to bring more people that will eventually hire the attorney? You, the Divorce Attorney, will have to make the choice. To check text readability of your blog go to Added Bytes