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The Elements of Style: 50th Anniversary Edition

Jim Lehrer said “For writers of all kinds and sizes the world begins and ends with Strunk and White’s Elements of Style. Only something to actually write about trumps the list of what is required to put words together in some kind of coherent way. I treasure its presence in my life and salute its fifty years of glory and accomplishment.”

Anybody that writes or thinks about starting a writing career needs this book badly. You can master American English writing style if you study this book. It can also teach:

  • rules of usage
  • elementary principles of composition
  • a few matters of form
  • a list of forty-nine  words and expressions commonly misused
  • a list of fifty-seven words often misspelled

Cornell University professor of English William Strunk, Jr., wrote The Elements of Style in 1918, and privately published it in 1919, for in-house use at university; later, for publication, he and editor Edward A. Tenney revised it as The Elements and Practice of Composition (1935).

The Elements of Style is a widely read English style manual. It is in a specially bound 50th Anniversary Edition. 

The book is used extensively by writers, high school and college students. It taught the principles of English style to millions of readers. This new deluxe edition makes the perfect gift for writers of any age and ability level. American writing would not be on the level it is today without this book.

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The Elements of Style: 50th Anniversary Edition
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