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Fear is the best motivator. Just asking a question: ‘What would happen if I don’t meet the deadline for this article?’ could shake you up and bring results. Vividly imagining the losses that might happen could be just what you need.

Some people never lose motivation. Once a decision is made, they stick to it. But little by little they get too relaxed and need to apply productivity-boosting techniques to stay in line. For example, I decided to become a freelance writer because I understood that if I wanted to make money online, I had to write. But sometimes I am not in the mood to write. That’s when my ‘do it now or else’ technique kicks in. I will describe real life writing techniques that I developed, tested on myself and made them work.

How To Overcome Writers Block – Personal Techniques That Work

1. “Go to a forum now” technique:

    • If I am writing an article about making money online, I go to Warrior forum. Just browsing questions and answers gives me plenty of subjects and reasons to write. I get so filled with ideas, that writing an article is a breeze.
    • I select forum depending on the subject of my article.

2. ‘Glue yourself to the chair’ technique

      • Start with 3 minute session: write words starting with the same letter for 3 minutes
      • Increase the next writing session up to 7 minutes writing any words starting with a different letter
      • Repeat as many sessions as you need to glue yourself to a chair in order to start and to complete 400 words article

3. Play ‘deadline’ game. Start writing an article and convince yourself that you have a deadline. It works!

For people with deep pockets. Hire a writing coach and she will give you all the motivation and reasoning to make writing a book a reality.

Everyone without exception has hundreds of excuses not to write. None of them are valid. People cling to their excuses desperately. Otherwise, we have to face the truth: in order to complete writing a book, you’ve got to write.

Writing is not easy. I described personal motivation and beating writer’s block techniques that work